Kashmir the paradise on earth

Located in the extreme northeast region of India, the state of Kashmir, also referred to as Kashmir Valley, is one of the most beautiful and popular tourist destination of India. The valley is the part of the Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir surrounded by district of Jammu to the South and great Himalaya to the northeast. The valley is like a Paradise on Earth itself covered with magnificent range of snowcapped mountains and breath-taking beauty of lakes and the landscape.

Kashmir is a land rich in history, religion and culture. It is because of this diversity and the history that Kashmir is the most frequented place by tourist looking for a truly passionate and memorable journey of their life. If you are an adventurer and looking for some fun, Kashmir offers one of the most delightful trekking opportunities and scenery the likes of which one may never find anywhere. The beautiful lakes of Kashmir with their picture perfect landscaping are its most significant natural attractions. A trip to Kashmir should always include a boat ride. The decorated houseboats will journey you across some of the most beautiful lakes dotted with gardens and surrounded with mountains.

Dal Lake is the most famous and well known lake of Kashmir valley. Dal Lake boasts of several water sports such as kayaking, water surfing, canoeing etc. The gardens in the valley are beautifully groomed with fountains, trees and flowers and are well known for their colorful displays. If you are a student of history, Kashmir would delight you with plenty of places of interest. The state was ruled by many rulers over a long period of time, the influence of which can be found in the rich structures and culture that still stand proudly in the valley. In this way there are many memorable hot spots where you can enjoy completely and moves into a different world.

The quickest and the most effective way to travel to Kashmir is by air. This will also give you an opportunity to experience the moment of your lifetime. The beautiful Himalayas with the snake like waterways and canals, the green fields and pastures contribute to dazzling and stunning scenery. Not many places can boast of the heavenly attractions of Kashmir. It’s a place to enjoy holidays and see nature’s beauty at its best. The magnificent temples, mosques, rivers, calm and serene lakes, splendidly crafted gardens, the rich culture, captivating beauty of mountains would never let anyone leave Kashmir disappointed. It is because of this unparallel beauty of its countryside and its rich culturally attractions that tourists throng Kashmir unceasingly every year and the valley of Kashmir has long been called as the paradise on earth.

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