The Colorful Waters of the Jiuzhaigou River Valley

jiuzgaigou river valleyJiuzhaigou Valley is basically a “Valley of Nine Village” which is a nature store in the north of Sichuan, a territory in south western china. It is also known for its various multi-level waterfalls and colorful lakes and was also confirmed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992. Generally, it belongs with the V group in the IUCN system of protected area classification. The normal altitude of these scenic areas is 2000m above the sea level and it has prehistoric forests with 108 crystal clear lakes and diversity of colorful water pools and multiple waterfalls. This place is sometimes known as the “Fairyland” by the visitors. Moreover, you can also find wide range of wild animals that are living on this place such as giant panda, golden monkey and spotted bear.

Assumingly, the deepness of the Jiuzhaigou is about 40 km through a region of over 60,000 hectares. But, only the Tibetans are living here because its location and pitiable transportation system of this area has always been secluded from the people of exterior world. Though, the rural life of the people has made no damage to the natural beauty in Jiuzhaigou. The beauty of this area is very rare to find, in fact the same or similar place elsewhere on this planet is also not easily findable nowadays.

Due to its colorful waters Jiuzhaigou is counted in the heaven on Earth. This place is a splendid masterpiece that possesses dreamlike scenery and rich natural scenery. The colorful water places include Blue Lakes, Waterfalls, Shuzheng Valley, Rize Valley, Zechawa Valley and Zharu Valley. These valleys are located in Nanping Country to the north of Chengdu. Moreover the major interesting points for the visitors include limestone lake groups, waterfalls, other waterscapes and 12 summits make Jiuzhaigou a most beautiful place in China.

Mainly, the myth behind this colorful water is that long ago the mountain god named Dago had a crush on the goddess Semo. So, once he gift’s her mirror which is made up of wind and cloud but the sudden a devil appeared to try to give some trouble to Semo. Accidently, semo broke the mirror in to 108 pieces, which fells down to the earth and turned into 108 beautiful colorful lakes and are called as Haizi by the visitors. .

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