The Great Wall of China – Wonders of the World

Great wall of china,Wonders of the worldThe Big Wall of China has the long wall of 10,000 which is a series of stone and earthen strengthening in northern China. Several walls were built, then rebuilt and preserved between the 5th century BC and the 16th century. These walls help to protect the northern borders of the Chinese Empire from the attacks of Xiongnu during several successive periods. While the 5th century BC, several more walls have been constructed and referred to as the name of Great Wall. This is the one of the most famous wall which was built between 220-206 BC by the first emperor of China named Qin Shi Huang. Usually, The Great Wall of China enlarges from Shanhaiguan which is in the Lop Nur, in the west. It stretches along an arc that roughly defines the Southern edge of Inner Mongolia.

Generally, no trip to China has been successfully completed without visiting The Big Wall of China. This wall on both sides is more than 6,000 kilometers, but still it’s not visible from space. Some people believes that this wall is only about 60 feet thick and its color also closely matches that of the adjoining earth, that’s the reason, these walls are not easily visible with the naked eye. Moreover, the structuring of the Great Wall of China took place in the excess of numerous centuries and during several periods. The great wall, which you all know it today, is actually the combination of several smaller walls which were constructed for the protection throughout the years.

In the starting, segments of the wall were built with the use of stone and wood. Later, brick was also included into the building of the wall as it makes it easier to work with and stronger. Besides, more than 1 Million Chinese died in the foundation of the Great Wall. Then in the today’s time as of 2004, roughly 2/3of the Great Wall has been demolished through a grouping of weather, developers and tourism. So, if you visit the wall today, then you will observe that segments which are closest to touristy areas have been well preserved. Moreover, the Great Wall of China is so handy to reach so a Marathon race is performed every year which covers a 26 mile portion of the Wall

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