The Neuschwanstein Castle Germany

The Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most tripped castles in Germany and also the most famous visitor’s destination in Europe. This castle is situated in Bavaria which is near the town of Fussen and it was built by King LudwigII of Bavaria. This castle is also known as the “Fairytale King”. The King Ludwig was a great follower and sponsor of Richard Wagner who was the world-renowned musician. The castle was built in his honor and several rooms in the castle’s interior were stimulated by Wagner’s characters. Mainly, the third floor of the castle imitates appreciation of Wagner’s operas. Basically, Neuschwanstein means “New Swan Castle” referencing of “The swan Knight” which is also one of the Wagner’s character.

The Neuschwanstein Castle is the royal place in Bavarian Alps of Germany which is the most popular as three royal palaces. These royal palaces were built for Louis II of Bavaria and sometimes referred to as Mad King Ludwig who grew up nearly at Hohenschwangau Castle. The construction of the castle bugun in 1869 at Louis’s death in 1886 and the castle is the incarnation of 19th century optimism. After this, the fantastical replication of the medieval castle, Neuschwanstein is set with towers and spires which are dramatically sited on a high point over the Pollat River named Gorge.

Later, the production of the Castle was conceded out according to a well though-out plan. This Castle was prepared with all types of technical amenities which were all very contemporary. Here you can see running water on the floors, a warm air heating system in the entire monument, a hot water system for the kitchen and the bath and so on. Basically, the spring which supplied the castle with exceptional drinking water was situated 200 meters above the Castle. The entire veneer of the castle was enclosed with pieces of limestone. The material used to construct this Castle was found in Alterschrofen near Swan Lake and the sustaining walls were built of bricks.

All the floors of this Castle signify different character of German composer Richard Wagner like the 3rd floor you can observe Louis’s love of the legends which are used by Wagner in his Operas. On the 4th floor there is Singers Hall with a coffered ceiking which is dedicated to the life of Parsifal who is the hero of another famous Wagner Opera. Moreover, in the contrast to the other rooms, you can observe the bedroom is luxuriously carved in the Neo-Gothic style. 14 woodcarvers are worked till 4-1/2 years to design this room. You can easily find beautiful chandeliers, painting galleries, massive pillars etc throughout the Castle. Neuschwanstein Castle is definitely one of the most delightful Castles and there is various interesting truth about it which you can check by visiting this Castle.

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