The Victoria Waterfalls

world largest water fallsThe Victoria Waterfalls was named after the former English queen Victoria, by David Livingstone in 1955. These are the world largest falls and its 1.6 km wide and 120m high. Usually, the local people called this place as never ending action of water “Mosi-Oa-Tunya” which something means like “Smoke that Thunders” because of its immense beauty. These waterfalls are on the Zambezi River, which is situated at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe in Southern Africa. As of all these immense features they are known as one of the Great Natural Wonders of the World.

These waterfalls are basically the part of two national parks, Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park which is located in Zambia and second one is Victoria Falls National Park and this is situated in Zimbabwe. Both of the locations are one of Southern Africa’s major tourist attractions and roaming place. These Victoria Falls are also comes under a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Moreover, you can enjoy these Victoria Waterfalls in a soft and dry season from June to August. The temperature then starts rises increasingly until the rains start in middle of November. Then the atmosphere becomes hot, wet and humid until the rainy seasons ends in late April. But, if you do not like heat and humidity then you can avoid the rainy season and visit the place in rest of the months. The waterfalls are on its full power during the overflowing months of March and April but this enormous amount of shower ambiguous the view and may make you feel very wet.

Basically, trip to the Victoria Waterfalls in Zimbabwe and Zambia is an impressive option. If you coming from Katima Mulilo, then you can reach the Caprivi from which you get to the border to Botswana that is near Ngoma Bridge about 75 km away. And from there you can take another 80 kilometres to reach the border of Zimbabwe at Kasane and another 90 kilometres to the waterfalls. Generally the road and the border crossing to the waterfalls are not so difficult and a 4×4 is also not required at all. Otherwise, you can also use the new Wanella Bridge which is near Katima Mulilo to cross the Zambesi River and then you can drive on a tarred road through Zambia up to Livingstone at the Zambian side of the waterfalls.  Actually this is the cheapest and fastest way to reach near the waterfalls and Livingstone which has now become a major tourist centre for the visitors.

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