Venice and its canals

Basically, Venice is world-famous for its Canals and it is constructed on an archipelago of 118 islands which are created by 177 Canals in a thin sea. Venice is the city which is situated in northern Italy which is the capital of the region Veneto and covered a population of about 271,367 people. Venice is the old historic centre of the city which is situated on 118 islands of the Venetian sea. The outstanding appearance and prosperity of art treasures make this city unique. This city is covered by more than 150 Canals and 400 Bridges. According to the record of 5th and 6th centuries on Venice date back, the immigrant comes from the Venetian countryside to take protection in the Canals. These inhabitants changed it in to an essential trading centre for shipping in the Mediterranean and towards the orient.

Though, the significance of Venice has been improved during the Crusades, when it started extending its rule over the Aegean islands, Peleponesia, Crete and part of Constantinople. In the 15th century, the little city-state had achieved its maximum power. Moreover, the Venice has been known as by various names because of its enormous features. The names are like “La Dominante”, “Serenissima”, queen of the Asriatic”, “City of water, “city of bridges” and “The city of Light”. This city is described as “Indubitably The Most Beautiful City Constructed by Man” by Luigi Baerzini and he wrote this description in The New York Times.

Venice is basically very famous for its musical, principally operatic, history, and its most popular son in this field is Antonio Vivaldi. Additionally, Venice Canals are so special because of their gondolas provide one of the world’s most romantic experiences. Here you can clearly imagine the gliding slowly down the slim Canals in a gondola on a moonlit night to musical adjunct. Moreover, Venice is also famous for its Grand Canal. This Canal is very broad usually 3 kilometer long with main water street. This Canal is lined with luxurious-style facades and is covered by the highly designed Rialto Bridge.

The 150 canals of Venice are usually its street, roads for land traveler where vehicles are not allowed. Here everyone must travel by foot or by boat and visitors are locals alike. Thus, the origin of the Canals of Venice is date back to the 5th century when regional inhabitants construct emerging Venice in a muddy, meagerly advanced lagoon to break out the weapons of the assaulting Barbarians.

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